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Art Nivo

Art Nivo creates a seamless patient experience for global medical technology

Conceptualised and implemented to reflect a polished, sleek interior aesthetic that flows seamlessly from room-to-room, the Patient Experience Centre of medical technology company Becton Dickinson was the result of a project completed by B-DNA member, Art Nivo.

The designer furniture company worked within a two-month deadline to come up with the retail concept for its client and ensured a seamless, intuitive flow for the different functional areas.

Inspired by the building which was formerly a warehouse, the project team incorporated Becton Dickinson’s warm brand accents while still keeping the interior appropriate to a medical environment.

Based on company principles of design, quality, creativity and innovation, Art Nivo’s project team came up with a circular floor plan for the 550m² showroom to create a smooth flow that would lead visitors through the Centre.

The main highlight is the showroom, which was designed to best display its medical equipment, while other multi-functional spaces such as meeting areas, training rooms and flexible workspaces were outfitted with modern and ergonomic design furniture and lighted signage.

Common spaces feature touches of colour such as a plus orange sofa, beige and orange cushion seats surrounded by muted brown and white tones. Curtains were also included to separate the different areas within the room, creating an environment that was segmented but not completely closed off.

Art Nivo also paid attention to the lighting on the complex ceiling structure and how the acoustics could be integrated to best effect.

Art Nivo - Becton Dickinson (Interior)

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