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Renovated pavilion Durlet in Ardennes holiday park runs entirely on renewable energy

Boydens Engineering has done it again with its recently completed project, the Durlet Pavilion in the holiday resort CM Massembre. 

The Durlet Pavilion was described as a “model of far-reaching sustainability” by as it runs entirely on renewable energy.

Stramien was the design agency behind the aesthetics of the pavilion and redesigned it such that the south facade offered an open view of the surrounding landscape.

This was in line with the project objectives of integrating the natural green environment into the design brief, in addition to ensuring that the renovated buildings will add to social tourism in the region.

The Durlet Pavilion comprises 18 bedrooms and 78 beds, and guests are treated to a panoramic view of the Massembre valley and a river that demarcates the French border.

Inside, heating for rooms is powered by a heat pump that was installed underground and channels hot water. It is further powered by a 60m² solar collector on the roof of the pavilion, which feeds a solar boiler 2,500 litres of water for the showers.

A PV installation with a capacity of 13kWp supplies electricity to power the heat pump, ensuring a continuous cycle of renewable energy.

The whole facility — its windows and roofs — is well-insulated, ensuring that it remains cool in the winter and not too hot in the summer, thus saving energy when needed.  Rain water is also collected to use for flushing the toilets, yet another water-saving feature.

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