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T-Mining transforms shipping logistics

T-Mining leverages new technologies to transform shipping logistics

As the second largest port in Europe, the Port of Antwerp is a massive hive of activity each day and T-Mining, a BDNA member, a leading provider of blockchain logistics, provides digital solutions for more efficient and secure processes.

Each day, over hundreds of containers are transported from ships to truck drivers per hour. This is traditionally done by a person keying in a PIN code to pick up the right container. However, the PIN code is transmitted via a number of parties, which is not entirely foolproof and risk-free.

Leveraging blockchain technology, T-Mining proves a wholly digital solution — the Secure Container Release, which ensures that only the driver that holds the right on the blockchain can pick up the container at the terminal.

This ensures that sensitive data is protected against theft and that there is accountability between all parties involved. Data can be shared with all parties without a central cloud platform so as to optimise the container import flow, allowing for higher efficiency throughout the chain.

“Thanks to the capabilities of blockchain, there is now a perfect track record. You can see who has transferred at what particular moment. This creates a microecosystem around one container,” says Christiaan Sluijs, CFO of T-Mining.

“It’s important that the goods are tracked, that they are delivered on time especially in this age of e-commerce where fast delivery is crucial,” says Piet Opstaele, innovation lead at the Port of Antwerp.

The collaboration between the innovative Belgian start-up and the Port of Antwerp began in 2017.  Since then, T-Mining has also introduced Secure Document Workflow in 2018, to digitally and securely transfer important documents such as certificates of origin and phytosanitary certificates. Blockchain technology also guarantees that the certificate has not been tampered with.

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