Belgian House

A Belgian House

BDNA is a carefully curated selection of Belgian companies reflecting the excellence of Belgian design products, sustainable building engineering, software and IoT specialised firms.

BDNA Design Products – Art Nivo, Interalu and Stone specialise in furnishing and construction products specified in niche interior design projects and large-scale architectural works throughout the world.  AAVO Architects, BINST Architects, CONIX RDBM Architects and DETOO Architects which are four award-winning Belgian architectural practices with over 50 years’ experience in a wide range of construction fields, from high-end commercial and residential complexes to institutional developments, hospitals and highly-specialised industries.

BDNA Smart & Sustainable Building Engineering Solutions – Boydens Engineering is a sustainable and structural building engineering firm established over 55 years ago in Belgium and expanded successfully into Vietnam. Their experience in continental and tropical climates for different building typologies, make them a reliable partner for value-added environmental designs. NIKO, Cobundu and IPee offer smart and energy saving solutions to improving the users’ building experience.

BDNA Management Softwares & Tools – Spacewell offer innovative IoT solutions to improve the performance of building portfolios.  Rombit and T-Mining look at the smart industry form a larger perspective applying their technological frameworks to different industrial sectors, blockchain and data-based tools for smart logistics and cities. Playpass makes festivals and event management go digital while optimising the usage of data.


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