Rombit is an experienced IoT solutions provider, covering smart industry and smart city markets. Rombit provides dashboarding branding solutions that closely integrate buy-or-build IoT devices that result in improved workflows, efficient planning, worker safety and site security for government bodies and the port industry.

Rombit’s products, A*SignTM, offers an end-to-end signage solution for the temporary use of public domain. It combines the world’s finest wireless mobile no-parking sign with a user-friendly city management platform, while the Romcore platform simplifies, improves and optimises port activities.

Romware is an integrated industrial safety and security wearable device that is used for certification, object notification, evacuation, geo-fencing and lone worker button.

DEME Dredging

Location: Global

  • Predictive Maintenance for dredge hose management
  • Unique, mesh sensors for wear & tear detection
  • Online communication with Romcore using Dash7
  • Enabling automated work order and replacement planning


Location: Bruges/Ghent/Antwerp, Belgium

  • Smart Safety & Security
  • Connected access control, certification and safety systems
  • Pilot customer for vehicle immobilizer
  • Enabling a safer work environment, lower accident rates and insurance fees

Schneider Electric

Location: Bruges/Ghent/Antwerp, Belgium

  • Request flow management for use of utility ‘shore boxes’
  • Real-time availability checks
  • Real-time monitoring of usage, power consumption
  • Enabling automated customer requests, invoicing & maintenance planning
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