T-Mining is a technology company that improves efficiency in logistics and transport by better data sharing and by secure title transfer. T-Mining has successfully developed a block chain-enabled smart contract platform tailored for container logistics.

T-Mining is being used at the Port of Antwerp:

  1. The secure transfer of the right to pick up a container using chainwise security: the container is released only to the driver who holds the right of the blockchain
  2. Unlocking operational efficiencies using chainwise collaboration: facilitating the exchange of data by parties involved in the chain
  3. Enhancing security and increasing efficiency: ensuring a secure workflow for documents and certificates, reducing paperwork and automating the underlying workflow.

3 Use-Cases illustrating the different areas where blockchain creates value:

1. Secure Container Release

Secure critical transactions solving the “double-spending” issue ensuring superior security.



2. Secure Document Workflow

Reduce paperwork and automate thereby avoiding paperwork and automating the document flow

3. Chainwise collaboration

Improve operational efficiency by connecting data-silos and automating joint business processes across the E2E flow.

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