IPee nv is an innovative technology company that develops and manufactures smart sensor technology for the commercial sanitary industry.

The innovations at IPee go beyond infrared solutions that are found to be inadequate for the purposes that they are meant for. IPee offers both invisible and intelligent solutions that allow genuine design and reduction of maintenance costs.

The IPee device monitors and measures the flow and content of the sanitary ware to define precisely the flushing volume required. The IPee device can be easily installed into the ceramic sanitary ware maintaining the beauty of the ceramic intact. The IPee device takes water conservation to a higher level with the adjustment in the flushing volume, avoidance of false flushes, detection of blockages and prevention of overflows.


Location: Zurich, Switzerland

NEST is a building laboratory is a unique research and innovation platform. It houses laboratory units where scientists examine issues surrounding the buildings of the future. NEST has 15 laboratories for testing technologies, materials and systems under real conditions to develop them further.


Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Sportpaleis is an arena located in Antwerp, Belgium. It is the largest indoor venue in Europe and a multipurpose hall where large-scale events such as concerts, sporting events, festivals and fairs are organized and held. The venue has a maximum capacity of more than 23,000 thousand.

Utrecht University

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

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